Fran Knowles - wildlife artist. Fran Knowles - wildlife artist. Fran Knowles - wildlife artist

To describe Fran Knowles as a wildlife artist is not entirely correct as in reality she is very much a bird artist and a very special one at that. Herself a creature of the air, currently into gliding and previously hang gliding, Fran has a strong affinity with her subject and manages to translate the essence of her subjects onto paper.

Her work is also very special in that she only works in pencil. On first seeing the works seem very grey, as indeed they are, but the use of every grade of pencil creates an astonishing grey palette that replaces the standard colour spectrum.

This site tries to give an insight into Fran's work. There is the usual biography and a piece about technique. In addition there a number of finished works, many of which have been sold. Complementing these are the sketches that she draws on location, the observations of birds that provide the markers towards the finished work.

I also produce a range of cards and prints that are currently not shown on this site. If you are interested in further details please contact me directly.

I will be at the British Bird Fair at Rutland Water, the 21st to 23rd August 2020.

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